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Get involved in Project Home Again®. Download the Commitment Form to get started.
MSCA and its board of managers are urging all MSCA member contractors to get involved in Project Home Again. The effort and cost on your part are minimal, yet the lasting impact of the program on your local community can be significant.

And to help participating contractors spread the word about Project Home Again, MSCA has created a packet of marketing materials. These materials, which feature a customizable press release, letter to the editor and other tips and suggestions, enable you to quickly and easily use your local media to raise awareness for the issue of missing children and how other businesses can get involved.

Participation is easy. Just download the Commitment Form, complete the information requested and fax it back to MSCA. Once you receive the posters, display them on your vehicles.

If a child is located, MSCA will send a “FOUND” sticker to those contractors that are displaying the located child’s poster. The “FOUND” sticker placed over the poster of the missing child will show the public that the program is working. Contractors will then receive new missing children posters to replace the FOUND children posters.

To assist in spreading the word about missing kids in their own communities, the MSCA has made the following materials available for participating contractors: